Problem - You have Windows 10 Pro system and you want to join it to Azure AD to manage.

Answer - Follow steps to join to an Azure AD domain

Prerequisite - Office 365 Account (Tested with Office 365 E3)

Right Click on the Windows Logo or Start Button (Same button, to the bottom left)

Click on Settings

Go to Settings

Go to Accounts

Create a local account

Create the following account – Username – locadmin Password – <desired password>

Switch user by clicking on the start button

Go to icon with the picture or avatar

Click on that picture or avatar

A menu will appear with the option to switch user

Click on switch user and login with the locadmin credential you just created.

Once at the desktop, Right click on Start Button

Go to Settings

Go to Access Work or School

Click on Connect

When box appears, it will provide links at the bottom that says Join Azure AD Domain

When prompted, type in your email address and password.

It will prompt a window and have you confirm you want to join the domain.

Click on Join.

Once it’s joined reboot.

Login with your Office 365 email address and password to confirm.

You should now be able to login with your Office 365 credentials.